What do you mean by 'individual roof blind layout'?

An individual blind layout means that you have one blind per pane of glass, as opposed to a larger blind covering multiple panes of glass. This could refer to window blinds or, more commonly, roof blinds.

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You will probably find that most, if not all, blind retailers will assume a ‘doubled-up’ layout (where one big blind covers more than one pane of glass) as it is normally much cheaper.

This is especially true if you are considering remote control conservatory blinds, not only because big blinds are cheaper but, as there are fewer blinds required, there will be far fewer motors. 

Although individual blinds are normally more expensive, they have many advantages:

UPVC Roofs: If you have a UPVC conservatory roof built within the last 3 years, particularly if you have an Ultraframe, Anglian or Everest conservatory, then the guarantee will stipulate that you MUST have an individual blind layout with a 15mm air gap so that the space between the blinds and the roof glazing does not overheat.

Timber Roofs: If you have a timber conservatory then the rafters will probably be quite deep (often between 100-200mm). Individual blinds would be recess-fitted between the rafters, making it look much neater.

Appearance: An individual blind layout nearly always looks more attractive as they respect the shape of the structure. The blinds look like are part of the conservatory. Large blinds tend to smother the conservatory; they lose the shape of the conservatory and can, quite often, even appear cheap. 

Height: Unless you have a very large conservatory with very generously proportioned glazing and a tall eaves height, fitting the blinds well below the rafters makes the conservatory feel much more closed-in.  In some cases this is completely true – it does reduce the head height dramatically, but in other cases it is simply the impression it creates. Individual blinds tend to make the conservatory feel taller. 

Small Conservatories: An individual blind layout within a small conservatory makes all the difference. Compare a doubled-up blind layout and a small conservatory will feel much smaller, compared to an individual blind layout.

Individual blinds are not always the correct solution – it very much depends on the conservatory shape, construction, glazing and size, as well as the specific blind type required and your own personal taste.

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