What makes you Conservatory Blinds Experts?

Unlike any other blind company, we really do only specialise in conservatory blinds. Over 98% of our work is in conservatories. The only other blinds that we install are for conservatory blinds customers who have requested additional shading elsewhere. 

Not only are we true conservatory blinds specialists, but we are the only company to have actually designed and manufactured dedicated blind systems specifically for UK conservatories. We don't sell generic blinds and call them conservatory blinds.

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Because we only work in conservatories and are not distracted by selling house blinds or shutters, we have a great deal more experience and expertise. We have worked in just about every single make and type of conservatory imaginable, so we have encountered every possible technical challenge.

Our expert advice guides you through the selection process so that you make an informed decision.

  • Does your conservatory guarantee require an individual blind layout?
  • Can blinds be fitted to your box gutter?
  • What remote control option would best suit your conservatory?
  • Will a specific fabric be suitable for your solar glass?
  • What fabrics cut down glare without darkening your conservatory and adjoining room?
  • Can we conceal the cabling from your power point?

There are a million and one possible questions that can arise when providing assistance to conservatory owners and these simply cannot be learned, but require genuine experience and a full knowledge of what is involved.

We will give you honest advice based on decades of specialist experience – not just tell you what we think you want to hear or misreprsent the facts just so that you place your order.

All of the members of our Sales Team have extensive experience; ranging from 5 years to well over 25 years, and the same is true of our installers. We are not a direct sales company that trains people for a few days in the art of selling and then sends them out.

Plus, because we offer every single type of blinds for conservatories in the UK, you can rely on our technical advice, knowing that it isn’t just sales talk or based on selling you one particular type of blind.

Contact us for completely free, helpful advice.

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