How can you claim to be Britain's favourite family owned specialists?

We say that we are Britain’s favourite family-owned conservatory blinds specialists because we are the largest completely independent company in our specific niche of the blind industry.

We are 100% owned and run by the same people that founded the business and are true conservatory blinds specialists - not a general blind retailer like other companies.

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Conservatory Blinds Limited is the largest family owned conservatory blinds specialist by:

  • Volume of sales
  • Volume of blinds manufactured
  • Geographical coverage
  • Number of employees

The Advertising Standards Authority defines “favourite” as the largest (and therefore the most popular).

Our web site has also been top-listed by Google natural listings for over a decade. Web sites are not just judged on SEO but also on the value of the content and so this also substantiates our "favourite" status.

All of our installers are specialists in conservatory blinds - they do not fit any other types blinds and are full-time salaried employees - not subcontractors like every other company.

Unlike any other company that sells direct to the public, we actually design and manufacture our own components and blind systems. With the exception of fabric, all of our Pure blinds are specifically made for the unique way that British conservatories are designed, built and used.

We are the only company in the world to have designed, developed and built a remote control system specifically for conservatory blinds. Their design, function and unique selling points are solely applicable to conservatories.

Unlike other companies that claim to be "specialists" (but which are general blind retailers) over 98% of our work is in conservatories. Our marketing material, factory and even our name make this clear.

To the best of our knowledge, no other blind company in the world can rival this level of specialisation.

We have marketed ourselves as "The UK's largest family owned conservatory blinds specialists" since 2007 and have been saying "Britain's favourite specialists" since March 2011.

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