What factors affect Window Blinds Prices?

Window blinds prices vary with quantity - there are often 20+ panes of window glass in a conservatory and so this could mean 20+ blinds if they are individually priced, or far fewer (perhaps 4 or 5) if you have large blinds covering multiple panes of glass.

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The type of blind selected will also vary the price, as will the exact range (for instance there are 5 different ranges of pleated blinds).

Fabric selection also influences window blinds prices. Genuine solar reflective conservatory blind fabrics are much, much more costly than thicker domestic quality solar reflective fabrics.

The type of installation also varies the costs, if you are having them fitted. One of the reasons why Perfect Fit blinds are often so cheap is because they are DIY blinds. The huge cost saving by fitting them yourself or of using a domestic blind fitter means that they can be artificially cheap.

Read our Conservatory Window Blinds Prices to find out how different blind ranges vary in suitability with different conservatories.

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