Can I have both motorised blinds and manual blinds to save money?

Yes, you can have a mixture of both manual and motorised blinds to help reduce the cost of blinds.

This is normally done by first selecting manual blinds fitted to the roof vents so that the blind moves with the vent itself, thus negating the need for the blind to operated very often. However if the vent blind cannot be fitted directly to the roof vent then these blinds should be motorised because they are the most likely to be used.

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The next option would be to just motorise the blinds with the biggest surface area (the rectangular blinds) because they will have the biggest effect on the conservatory. The smaller shaped blinds would be best left as manually operated if you are having a part-motorised installation.

Before considering a part-manual, part-motorised installation you can also reduce the cost by “doubling up” blinds (have one blind covering 2 or more panes of glass) so that you reduce the number of motors required anyway.

It is not always easy because your conservatory may not be suited to this layout because of tie bars etc. preventing large blinds being possible, or the resultant doubled-up blinds may be oversized, but this is probably the best option to consider before selecting a part-manual installation.

In summary; ask for alternative quotations with varying blind layouts and to include different options for part-motorisation before making a final decision.

Finally, always bear in mind that many people do not move their roof blinds at all, so remote control blinds may not actually be required - consider a manual installation as it could be up to half the cost of remote control blinds.

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