Is there a cheapest time of year to buy conservatory blinds?

We always offer the very biggest discounts at times of the year when we are the least busy, but conservatory blinds are not as seasonal as they may first appear.

In general terms, the very best deals will always be just before and just after Christmas, as well as towards the end of the Summer Holidays (mid-August to mid-September).

The busiest times of the year will always result in the lowest discounts being available as we are operating at full-capacity and do not need to encourage any extra work.

Having said that, our Factory Direct Service and End of Batch fabrics offer unbeatable deals all year round.

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Because conservatories are affected by glare and get too hot whenever it is sunny (rather than just when the ambient air temperature is high) as well as suffering from significant heat loss at night and in the cooler months, then we have virtually all year round work without too much fluctuation.

The issue of furniture and flooring fading due to UV also means that there are always people requiring purpose-designed conservatory blinds that won’t blackout their conservatory.

Nevertheless, there are some periods of the year that are less busy and we do whatever we can to encourage more orders at these times; so when are the best deals available for conservatory blinds…?

In order of the lowest prices:

December, because January is the slowest time of the year for our factory and installers, so we always offer the biggest discounts and lowest prices in December.

January is not quite as good as December because price increases always arise in January, albeit that we tend to apply the same discounts from December.

August is historically the slowest summer month for sales, so big discounts are often available for installation in September.

February can be quite busy in its own right and so discounts are moderated as we start to get much busier, but savings are still significant.

Bank Holidays/School Holidays are no longer as busy as they used to be as people view their free time very differently, so short-term offers are made for specific weekends.

In other words the lowest prices are always available when we are less busy, so if you receive a letter from us offering an extra discount then, unlike most other companies, you can rely on it being 100% genuine and relevant to immediate orders.

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