How can you offer a Lowest Price Guarantee?

We are able to offer a Lowest Price Guarantee because we are a traditional business, rather than a Direct Sales company, so our size, costs and prices are based on being able to cope with the market as it has changed over the years. We have relatively low overheads compared to our volume of sales and only aim for a realistic profit margin.

When anyone receives an apparently cheaper quotation, it is nearly always for a much lower specification (oversized blinds, cheap fabric etc.). When we price for the same low specification, we often work out cheaper still (or at least similar in price).

The only time that we are normally "beaten" on price is when a salesman artificially reduces his price (because he doesn't want to lose "the sale"). This is why we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee - because we are willing to cut our modest profit margins occasionally and at least provide you with a high specification installation.

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We know that it is impossible to manufacture made-to-measure conservatory blinds any cheaper than we do because we actually make our own components (so don't have to pay the prices that other companies do) are extremely efficient and have the benefit of scale. The only way that we could make blinds any cheaper would be to cut corners - but would actually save very little and would not only cause problems later on.

We would challenge any blind company to provide a written quotation using the same high specification for less money - without having started off with a much higher quotation and then artificially reducing the costs by significantly lowering the specification to a point where you aren't receiving what you were led to believe.

Remember that it is the verbal comments of the salesmen that these companies use that gives you the impression of quality. Any company that spends millions of pounds a year on marketing, then pays everyone a high percentage of the order value to the telesesales, salesman, surveyor and blind fitter cannot stay in business unless customers are paying much higher prices or receiving a much lower specification.

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