How do I add this web site to my favourites or share it with others?

At Conservatory Blinds Limited we have made it easy for you to add pages from our website to your favourites or bookmarks, and to share it with your friends via email.

In the footer of every page you will find the various ways to share our site, including buttons to Add to Favourites and Email to a Friend.

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The "Share This Site" section of the footer includes the various ways to share this site, or save it to your bookmarks.

Email to a Friend
Clicking the "Email to a Friend" button will open up a small pop-up window, which will allow you to put in your details, your friends details and a short customisable message to your friend.


Add to Favourites
Clicking the "Add to Favourites" button will open up a menu that allows you to pick exactly where the favourite is saved, and name it anything you want. This feature only works on Internet Explorer.


There are a few other buttons in the "Share This Site" section:

Subscribe to our RSS Feed allows you to subscribe to our news updates using any standard RSS reader. Note that only Internet Explorer and Firefox have built in RSS readers.

Find us on YouTube opens up our YouTube Channel, where you can see all of our conservatory blinds videos, and are able to like and comment on them if you have a YouTube account.

Become our Fan on Facebook will open up our Facebook page, where you can click the 'Like' button to recieve news and updates on everything related to conservatory blinds.

Follow Us on Google+ will open up our Google+ page, where there are frequent updates and features about this website and Conservatory Blinds Limited in general.

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