Can I buy your puresolo remote control blinds elsewhere?

No, puresolo™ remote control blinds are unique to Conservatory Blinds Limited and nothing else even comes close. We design, manufacture and install all of our own blinds completely in-house, so they are simply NOT available from any other retailer.

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It is the only remote control system that has been specifically designed for conservatory blinds. No other control system has these benefits despite what might be claimed verbally by certain salespeople.

  • 1 control box operates up to 36 blinds (2 boxes for up to 72 blinds)
  • 1 handset controls up to 99 blinds
  • 1 small low-voltage cable connects all the blinds
  • The cable is completely concealed (not tucked away)

Unique operation and ease of controlling conservatory blinds.

  • Operate all your blinds together at the same time
  • Operate your blinds in up to 9 different zones
  • Operate any blind individually

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