Can you conceal the cables in remote control blinds?

Firstly, there aren't that many cables if you opt for puresolo™ Remote Control Blinds and most are concealed anyway, nevertheless it is possible to conceal the power cable etc. depending on your property.

Using our puresolo™ remote control blinds we can completely conceal the low voltage cable that runs around the conservatory powering the blinds. The cable is concealed within a purpose-designed mounting profile so it is not only neat, but entirely safe from any damage.

The low voltage cable that runs from the transformer to the first blind is normally concealed within mini-trunking, but if your conservatory is unfinished the you can ask your electrician to install conduit within the wall so as to permanently conceal the low voltage cable. We can provide you with the cable at survey and even tell you the two locations required where the cable should enter/exit the wall.

If concealing the low voltage cable within the wall, note its location and avoid drilling into the wall at a later date. If it ever needs replacing then this will present an issue, as we will only replace a cable if it is surface-fitted.

If you are in any doubt, ask your electrician to attend the survey.


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