Why are there 'from' and 'to' prices in the Price Guides?

Even if we know the shape and size of a conservatory as well the blind range, there are big differences in cost due to the choice of fabrics and the layout of the blinds.

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Fabrics vary hugely in cost and an unusual colour selection would result in a high degree of wastage, resulting in a higher cost. Our most popular fabrics are discounted because we buy them in large quantities from the same fabric batch - ensuring very little wastage.

Fabrics also vary in width and so depending on the blind layout and fabric selection, the cost "per blind" will vary accordingly. For instance, fabrics that are supplied 1.5m wide will result in a higher price per blind than fabrics that are supplied 2m wide.

The layout of blinds in a conservatory also greatly affects price, as very large blinds will always be cheaper. Very big blinds covering more than one pane of glass may not be recommended because of appearance, operation and longevity, but they are cheaper and many retailers price on this basis to provide the cheapest quotation.

Infill blinds are another consideration. Many conservatories have awkward shapes which can only be accommodated by small infills/fixed blinds which also add to the cost. The extent of these varies with each conservatory and so cannot be estimated without inspecting the conservatory first.

To ensure that our Price Guides do not vary too much we actually exclude unusually expensive fabrics, or cheap/discontinued fabrics. In other words the prices could be actually lower and/or higher than our Price Guides suggest.

We have often noticed that when competing against a seemingly cheaper quotation for conservatory blinds, when we re-price based on the same specification we are actually cheaper - all because of the cheap fabric selection and blind layout.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means that we will honestly not be beaten on price.

For a genuine quotation and expert advice on the widest choice of conservatory blinds in the UK, please contact us.

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