Why don't you have prices based on the conservatory floor area?

Obviously the floor area of a conservatory bears no relationship to the shape or size of the roof, nor the cost of conservatory blinds. Your quotation will often be far higher or lower than it would end up being once a proper survey has been carried out.

Anyone using this method of "pricing" is simply an online retailer that is subcontracting the whole process to a third party and not making or fitting the blinds themselves. These blinds are well known and offer the very cheapest form of shading possible.

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Some web sites offer a "supply & fit service" where the price is based on the floor area. They do this because they all use the same subcontract service for Energy Saver pleated blinds, so do not actually make or fit their own blinds, as they seem to claim.

This kind of pricing was adopted by these subcontractors because it was easy for someone to measure, but it is obviously highly inaccurate and does not in any way represent the roof blinds, any technical details in your conservatory, or your specific requirements.

Although we don't use this particular pricing method, we do offer the same budget blinds at realistic prices, fitted by our own employed staff, and with the same 12 month guarantee (check the small print if someone else has led you to believe it to be a 5 year guarantee).

As we manufacture all of our own blinds, we can offer you a greater choice by providing advice and quotations for alternative blind ranges.

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