Why is your advice different from another company?

You will often find that our advice differs from other companies because they have salesmen with little or no actual experience, other than what they have been taught to say. They have rarely, if ever, even seen conservatory blinds being installed, quite apart from understanding what is being done and why.

They will always provide a quotation based on the cheapest options - using cheap discounted fabrics (quite different from the ones that they originally show) with oversized blinds (up to 2m wide) using a doubled-up layout, regardless of whether the blinds will look, operate or fit correctly.

Their sole task is to win as many orders as possible, which is completely unlike our approach. Because we aren't a direct sales company we can train everyone individually over time so that they have a complete understanding which results in technically appropriate advice.

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Like many "home improvement" industries you will unfortunately find that there are lots of "hard-sell" salesmen, as well as general blind retailers and online shops with no pedigree or real experience of conservatory blinds whatsoever. Their sole interest is that you place an order with them, irrespective of everything else.

You can often tell them because they will slander other companies. We regularly encounter the worst possible advice, conduct and bare-faced lies reported about other retailers - and it is no wonder that this sometimes puts people off from buying blinds at all.

Pay Per Click advertising on the Internet now allows anyone to establish a plausible looking web site for very little money. They can promise the earth for lower prices and unfortunately some people will fall prey to this.

After you have placed your order and the blinds have been manufactured there is very little recourse, especially as most retailers will have paid a blind company to make and fit them and so will be unable to do anything - even if they wanted to.

Our advice is to treat blind companies as you would a builder. Be very wary about "bargain prices" and always check their previous work first, rather than just looking at the marketing photographs that they show you, or trusting the word of a salesman.

Obviously not every blind retailer is like this and thankfully there are still good people whom you can trust, but this is far from everyone. 

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