Do you sell DIY conservatory blinds?

No. While we do sell Perfect Fit Blinds, which are suitable as DIY blinds, all the blinds we sell are fitted by our installation team.

We do not normally recommend DIY blinds in a conservatory, and they don't always work out to be a cheaper option either (due to the extra frames required); but they can offer a simple solution to buying a few blinds at a time.

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DIY and self-build conservatories are still very popular and we are recommended by many conservatory suppliers, so we have installed a large number of blinds into DIY conservatories.

Obviously each conservatory varies in design and construction resulting in a need for even greater attention to detail to ensure that the correct blinds, fabric, layout and installation are suitable.

We can offer helpful advice both before and after construction to help you get the best from your conservatory, as well as ensure that any areas that are slightly out of level or are not square will not be accentuated by the blinds. This even happens with “professionally” installed conservatories and so should not necessarily be viewed as a consequence of poor workmanship.

If you are considering measuring and installing your own blinds bear in mind that as conservatory blinds are made-to-measure, the saving is far less than when building your own conservatory.

We regularly fit our blinds into all the popular self-build conservatories such as B&Q, Portland, Conservatory Land, David Salisbury and even the older Wickes conservatories.

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