Do blinds reduce UV transmission in a conservatory?

Yes, all blinds offer a degree of reduction in UV (ultra-violet) transmission through double glazing, but some are more effective than others.

The more tailored a blind is to your conservatory, the fewer gaps will exist and so the less UV will be transmitted, but even more important is the fabric...

If you select a blackout or dimout fabric then you will need to operate your blinds much more ofetn to allow natural light in to your conservatory (and to stop your adjoing room from being too dark).

We recommend Solar Design fabrics that are designed for conservatory environments, so will allow natural light transmission whilst significantly reducing UV, heat and glare, but which are very durable.

Obviously, the extent to which these benefits affect your conservatory are entirely dependant upon a wide variety of factors that cannot be answered in such a general way, without a great deal of specific information. 

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Ultra-Violet light is so-called because it has a shorter wavelength than the violet end of the spectrum, beyond what we can see as visible light. Whilst being the cause of sunburn and a source of Vitamin D, it is also the reason why furnishings and floor coverings fade in your conservatory – even laminate flooring. 

The fabrics that we commonly recommend in a conservatory are all highly effective at reducing UV (often to a nominal level of 5% or even less) and they all have colourfastness ratings showing that they do not fade quickly.

Unpainted timber will have a relatively low colourfastness (perhaps 3-4) whereas treated blind fabrics have ratings of between 5-7. A colourfastness rating of 7 is the effective maximum as the highest theoretical rating of 8 means that it would be chemically inert (which is impossible to all intents and purposes).

Most importantly is the effect that UV can have on the operating system (the hardware) of the blinds. UV causes chemical reactions and so can degrade many polymers (plastics) causing them to become yellow and brittle.

Unfortunately many retailers sell domestic blinds into a conservatory, including laminated fabrics which, although much cheaper, will degrade in a shorter time and so often only have a 1 year guarantee.

Purpose designed blinds such as our pure Pleated Blinds are manufactured with Ultra Violet Absorbers, Blockers, Stabilisers and Anti-Oxidants to prevent “Photo Oxidation” (chemical decomposition) and so will not only protect your conservatory interior, but will continue to look like new for many years.

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