What blinds do you recommend in a tinted roof?

Tinted roofs are available with different colours to filter different parts of the sun's spectrum, but are often aimed at reducing the heat that enters the conservatory.

That being the case, you need to ensure that your roof blinds won't cause excessive heat build up beteween the fabric and the roof glazing by being too thick, impermeable or solar reflective. The main conservatory roof manufacturers also stipulate that you should have an individual blind layout with a 15mm air gap.

Without specific knowledge of any glazing, roof construction or ventilation, we would normally only recommend pure Pleated Blinds, pure Pinoleum Blinds or pure™ Roman Blinds because they have been specifically designed for UK conservatories and have highly suitable Solar Reflective Fabrics.

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Tinted roofs help to reduce heat by reflecting the “red” part of the spectrum of the sun's energy (towards infra-red). In doing so it seems to give the light a blue or grey tint (although there are other colours such as copper or bronze as well which also help to reduce UV transmission).

If you have a tinted roof, then purpose-designed conservatory blinds can help reduce heat even further, as well as offer the added benefits of reducing heat loss, glare and noise reverberation.

If considering conservatory blinds you should avoid any laminated fabrics that are very highly reflective (as they can potentially cause excessive heat build-up which the roof was not designed to deal with) as well as any dim-out fabrics, as there is already a reduction in visible light from the roof tint. Finally, consider what colour fabric to select as the tint in the roof can dramatically change the appearance.

We recommend softer reflective fabrics that can breathe that you will find with pure Pleated Blinds as well as solar reflective pure Pinoleum Blinds.

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