Do you sell drill-free blinds that don't need to be screwed in?

Yes, we sell a number of blind ranges that utilise "push fit" clips for UPVC windows with neoprene glazing gaskets including Intu blinds and Perfect Fit blinds, as well as Velux blinds (for Velux windows) so that you do not normally have to fiit them using screws (although this is sometimes inevitable depending on your conservatory).

Perfect Fit window blinds offer the advantage of being realtively easy to measure and fit yourself, plus they can actually close off a little more light around the edges compared to standard pleated blinds, venetian blinds and roller blinds, but they are not always recommended in conservatories.

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These blinds are aimed at the DIY (non-specialist) market as they are not primarily designed for conservatories and so there are a few compromises, but they are available. Click here to see the Perfect Fit range of blinds.

Perfect Fit frames make it easy to measure and fit, so they are ideal for DIY installation, thus saving the cost of an expert installer having to charge for surveying and installation, but you need to be very careful in checking if your windows are suitable. Click here to view our Perfect Fit video guide.

These blinds cannot be used on timber conservatories, glazing that does not have gaskets, externally beaded windows or where you risk leaks, damage to the gasket or glazing itself.

Some salespeople may tell you that certain "push-fit" blinds are exclusive to their company - but this is wholly untrue. Every retailer buys them from more or less the same source, so they are widely available.

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