What are the differences in quality between conservatory blinds?

There are huge difference in quality between different blinds and their suitability within conservatories. Look at the detailed information and compare conservatory blinds to see how some blinds are much better in certain situations, but not in others.

Then compare how blinds should look to how they are often fitted if you aren't careful.

First consider the intended design of the blinds. Many blind are designed for domestic household use to provide basic shade and privacy. They can be used in a conservatory, but will not have anywhere near the desired effect.

Next is the manufacturing quality. As you will see, older blind systems are much less refined and have little attention to detail compared to purpose-designed blinds.

Then there is the quality of workmanship, which can make or break the whole order. It is quite possible for someone with very high standards of workmanship to do an excellent job with a basic blind system. Equally it is very common to see a very poor job carried out, despite a reasonable blind system being specified.

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Quality is not just about the manufacturing, but also about the quality and accuracy of installation, all of which is subject to the suitability of the blinds in the first place.

Unfortunately some retailers are more interested in getting your order rather than recommending the most suitable blinds for your requirements. In many respects you cannot be 100% sure of the quality you will receive until your blinds are actually fitted, although you can limit the risk by looking more deeply into the details before you buy. View images that demonstrate that not all conservatory blinds are the same.

When quality is a major consideration you should only consider purpose-designed conservatory blinds - that is to say blinds that were designed specifically for conservatories, rather than general purpose blinds that can be used in a conservatory. The difference in their fitted appearance, performance and operation is significant.

We strongly believe that the highest quality conservatory blinds in the UK are Eos and pure Pleated blinds, as well as our unique pure Pinoleum Blinds and pure Roman Blinds.

We manufacture every single range of conservatory blinds available in the UK, so our experts can offer unbiased advice on the best blind ranges for your needs.

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