All-glass extensions are an increasingly popular way to add a unique room to a property that has it’s own feel. They tend to have a more modern feel than the traditional conservatories; essentially looking like large “glass boxes”. We fitted blinds into such an extension earlier this year, attached to a beautiful bed & breakfast in the middle of the Welsh countryside.

This extension was an elegant dining area for customers; surrounded by the amazing views of the property. However, the room also got a lot of sun throughout the day. Therefore, they needed a way that helped shade the sun to make the room comfortable; but could also easily retract away and not get in the way of the views from the windows. The customer contacted us earlier this year asking us if we could see what would be possible in this room.

Duette Blinds in a Glass Extension


Duette® Pleated Blinds 

After speaking with a member of our sales team, the customers decided on using large Duette® Pleated Blinds to cover the glass, in some areas having the blind go completely from ceiling to floor. The modern look of the Duette® fabric was an excellent match for the overall look of the extension; and the blinds can sti fully retracted away so the views are unobstructed. For ease of operation, the blinds use our own puresolo™ Remote Control system, which means the blinds can be used together, in groups, or even individually – all from a single handset.

12 Standard Rail Colours

To ensure the blinds matched the room, we used one of our 12 standard rail colours. In this case anthracite – to match the frame of the extension. Our 12 standard colours are suitable for the extreme majority of extensions, conservatories and orangeries we fit blinds into, but we can even custom-colour our rails and components to any RAL colour should a customer need a more specific colour.

Duette Blinds in a Glass Extension


Make a Difference To Your Room 

This shows how the addition of some simple blinds can really make all the difference in a room. The sleek and modern style of the glass extension is kept, with the blinds adding to the existing feel of the room rather than feeling like a later addition. Contact a member of our sales team to see for yourself how our blinds can transform a room…

Duette Blinds in a Glass Extension