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Comparing Quotations

Comparing Quotations

When comparing quote from two different companies, there are some important details to look out for which will really show the differences between the two quotes:

Check the full description of the blinds being offered, as this is often deliberately vague so that you assume it is similar.
Check the quantity of blinds being quoted for, this often can be for much fewer blinds than we have quoted for.
Have you been shown any actual blinds, or just fabrics? A lot of companies rely on you not seeing their blinds until they are actually fitted.

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Tell us how much you have been quoted (and for what) using this form. The more information we have about your other quotation, the easier it will be for us to make sure we are comparing similar quotations. We will happily provide various quotations for alternative specifications if required.


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Our sales team will provide expert advice with no hard-selling techniques. We’ll be able to recommend you the best blinds for your needs, as well as offer a range of quotes for you to compare.

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