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Frequently asked questions about our company. Click the questions to view the answers.


As a business we started selling blinds for conservatories in 1995, and became a limited company in June 2000.

We remain a family owned (and family run) business manufacturing approximately 50,000 conservatory blinds a year from our own factory in Ashford, Kent.


Our head office is based in Ewell, near Epsom in Surrey (approx. 1 mile directly from the A3 Tolworth junction). Click here to see it on Google Maps.

Our main showroom and factory is based in Ashford, Kent (close to Junction 9 of the M20). Click here to see it on Google Maps.

Visit our Contact Us page for our full address details. Our offices are based approximatley 15 minutes’ drive from Junction 10 of the M25.

Our sales and installation staff are based all over the country so that we can offer a truly local service to the majority of England and South Wales.

Click here to see exactly what areas we cover.

Despite the fact that our map shows you where we are based and the areas where we offer complete coverage, we can actually carry out high profile installations all across the UK and beyond.


Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Our main showroom is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and from 9.00am to 4.00pm on Fridays. If you wish to take a look around our showroom, please call 01233 633 116 to make an appointment.

Your locally based conservatory blinds sales staff are available to visit you from 9.00am to 9.00pm 7 days a week.

Our survey and installation team generally works from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (hours can vary).


Our web site includes lots of genuine customer feedback and our 5 year guarantee offers significant peace of mind. We also have many years trading and our web site contains all of the information necessary for you to check us at Companies House or via any reputable credit referencing agencies.

Although the vast majority of our conservatory blinds are ordered by everyday people, over the years we have also carried out work for royalty, nobility, celebrities, sportsmen, blue chip businesses, government departments, schools and even foreign embassies. Find our more about some of our more Notable Clients

Compare the extent of information that we provide “About Us” to any other web site. You will rarely find any information that actually tells you anything about other retailers at all.

Regardless of what you may be led to believe, there really are very few conservatory blind specialists who actually make and fit their own blinds. Try searching Google for “conservatory blinds” and then check each of the companies listed with Companies House. You will probably find that more than half are insolvent, brand new businesses with no track record at all, salespeople working from home, franchise agents, or small companies pretending to be much bigger than they actually are.

We are one of only a few genuine conservatory blind specialists that can actually do what we say we do and can be trusted to honour our guarantee.


There is a car park at the front of our main showroom in Ashford, Kent that is free to use for anyone wishing to visit.

Whilst there are no longer any parking bays directly outside the smaller showroom in our Surrey Head Office, there are still plenty of other places to park, including the slip roads on the westbound carriage of the A240 Kingston Road (heading towards Tolworth and the A3) as well as on the eastbound slip road of the bypass (the side that heads towards Epsom and the A24).

Parking Map

The best parking is available in the slip roads on the westbound carriage of the A240 Kingston Road, adjacent to Ruxley Lane (heading towards the A3). Parking is time-limited to 2 hours.

There is also good parking normally available on the eastbound slip road of the A240 Kingston Road (the opposite side of the bypass) as well as in the side roads.

Although we haven’t shown it, there is also on-road parking available in Ruxley Lane Ewell, but this cannot be relied upon, as well as very limited private parking at the rear of our premises, but this is oversubscribed and often abused.


When you enquire we will only send you details in reply to your enquiry.

We will not bombard you with junk mail, plague you with sales calls, or pass on your details to anyone else.

We are just specialists blind manufacturers – not a sales company.

The difference between Conservatory Blinds Limited and the direct-sales companies is that we are family-run conservatory blinds specialists – we do not have sales targets or telesales people.

If you would rather not have anyone contact you at all, then please just say and we will be happy to oblige.

You can be sure that you are dealing with real people – not a faceless corporation.

If you have checked the “Subscribe to our Free Monthly Newsletter” button when you enquired, then you will receive a monthly email with the latest news and offers.


Our exclusive range of pure™ Conservatory Blinds (Pleated Blinds, Pinoleum Blinds, Remote Control Blinds) as well as the Duette® blinds, benefit from a 5 year guarantee.

Obviously any guarantee relies on the blinds being operated and cared for correctly.

End of range fabrics are excluded (because we could not replace the fabric). Our lower priced Standard and Classic blind ranges have a 12 month guarantee (because this is the guarantee offered by the fabric manufacturers).

We also offer an optional annual maintenance service where we check and “service” your blinds every year (at extra cost) which is strongly recommended for remote control installations.

Finally, all of our installations benefit from Lifetime Aftercare where we will provide free help by phone and email as well as any replacement parts at cost price. Any service call visits made outside of our guarantee are charged at the prevailing rate (we offer alternatives to reduce costs).


Nowhere else. We know that some unscrupulous salesmen may sometimes tell customers that they sell the same blinds, but it’s completely untrue.

No other company sells blinds that have been manufactured by Conservatory Blinds Limited. They are completely exclusive to us because we created the tools from which the system is formed and the software system that controls how the blinds are made.

We have designed and manufacture our own unique conservatory blinds ranges:

  • pure™ Pleated Blinds
  • pure™ Pinoleum Blinds
  • pure™ Remote Control Blinds

However we also offer the same types of blinds as those sold by other companies

  • Duette® Pleated Blinds
  • Eos Pleated Blinds
  • Standard Pleated Blinds
  • Classic Pleated Blinds
    Perfect Fit Blinds
  • Conservatory Roller Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds

Even though some blinds may look similar, or even contain some of the same components as other retailers, it is the quality of the advice, design, manufacturing and installation that makes the difference – as always “the devil is in the detail”.

We would be happy to compare our blinds and quality of installation against any other company, irrespective of cost. For more information, compare Conservatory Blinds using our comparison chart.


No. While we do sell Perfect Fit Blinds, which are suitable as DIY blinds, all the blinds we sell are fitted by our installation team.

We do not normally recommend DIY blinds in a conservatory, and they don’t always work out to be a cheaper option either (due to the extra frames required); but they can offer a simple solution to buying a few blinds at a time.

DIY and self-build conservatories are still very popular and we are recommended by many conservatory suppliers, so we have installed a large number of blinds into DIY conservatories.

Obviously each conservatory varies in design and construction resulting in a need for even greater attention to detail to ensure that the correct blinds, fabric, layout and installation are suitable.

We can offer helpful advice both before and after construction to help you get the best from your conservatory, as well as ensure that any areas that are slightly out of level or are not square will not be accentuated by the blinds. This even happens with “professionally” installed conservatories and so should not necessarily be viewed as a consequence of poor workmanship.

If you are considering measuring and installing your own blinds bear in mind that as conservatory blinds are made-to-measure, the saving is far less than when building your own conservatory.

We regularly fit our blinds into all the popular self-build conservatories such as B&Q, Portland, Conservatory Land, David Salisbury and even the older Wickes conservatories.


Yes. Our conservatory blinds are fully-fitted by our own in-house conservatory blinds installers. We accurately measure your conservatory and account for all of the details necessary, then manufacture your blinds, deliver them in our own vehicle to your installer, who then installs the blinds. We even take away all of the boxes.

We provide fully fitted blinds for your conservatory.

The neatest fitting blinds in a conservatory will always be purpose-designed ranges rather than general blinds that were designed primarily for use in a house window. Certainly that is most obvious on conservatory roofs and UPVC windows, where the blinds are recess-fitted onto the glazing beads.

For the neatest fully-fitted appearance we would normally recommend pure™ Pleated Blinds in a UPVC conservatory, and pure™ Pinoleum Blinds in a timber conservatory, but are happy to offer specific advice on all of the blinds available in the UK.

Although not designed for conservatories, you may wish to consider Perfect Fit (pleated, venetian and roller blinds) or Intu (pleated and venetian blinds) for white UPVC windows. They both work on the principle of fitting the blinds by “push-fitting” the clips between the glazing and neoprene gaskets of a UPVC window, rather than by drilling and screw-fitting.


Yes, we make all of our own conservatory blinds in our own factory in Ashford, Kent, where we have had a manufacturing base since 2006 and from where we manufacture approx. 25,000 conservatory blinds a year.

Not only do we manufacture our own blinds, unlike any other company, we have actually designed our own blinds specifically for UK conservatories and have our own unique remote control conservatory blinds. Virtually every other company selling what it claims to be “conservatory blinds” is actually simply re-selling generic blind systems, mostly from Europe, designed for windows and simple sunrooms.

We do occasionally buy other types of blinds from an associated trade supplier, but these are manufactured to our own exacting specifications and are generally not for use in conservatories.


We’ve been trading since 1995, so are very well known, but the most obvious place where you would have heard of us from Google, but we have been featured in a number of magazines and TV shows, as well as being recommended by over 100 conservatory builders.

As one of the UK’s longest established conservatory blinds specialists we have a prominent natural listing on all of the main search engines (particularly Google) and have appeared in a large number of newspapers, magazines and TV shows, such as…

  • Ideal Home
  • Grand Designs
  • At Home with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
  • Homes & Gardens
  • Better Homes with Carol Vorderman
  • Home Front
  • Daily Mail
  • Mail on Sunday
  • Sunday Telegraph
  • Sunday Times
  • Country Living
  • Good Housekeeping
  • House Beautiful

Our blinds are also recommended by a large number of conservatory builders, interior designers and even some blind retailers.

We have carried out work for many local councils, schools & nurseries, pubs & restaurants, blue chip companies, celebrities, sportsmen, actors and other household names. Our blinds have been installed at the Houses of Parliament and even in St James’ Palace.


Yes, we have installed conservatory blinds all over the United Kingdom (England Ireland, Scotland and Wales) as well as in the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Italy, Spain and the USA.

In addition to our local conservatory blinds service we also have a Special Projects Team which deals with a wide range of requirements:

  • Out-of-area orders (e.g. conservatory blinds in Scotland, Ireland etc.)
  • Much larger conservatories (residential or commercial)
  • Home automation (Lutron, Crestron etc.)
  • High profile clients (corporate & private)
  • Overseas installations (e.g. USA, Channel Islands etc.)

Our experience, unrivalled quality, expertise and market-leading conservatory blinds systems mean that we can offer the very highest quality service and completely bespoke solutions to suit your needs and budget.

As you can imagine we have a varied portfolio of past clients ranging from private individuals and businesses to public figures and blue chip companies, as well as Government institutions and even members of royal households.

Please contact us with details of your requirements and wherever possible please include dimensions, photographs and/or detailed drawings for an initial discussion & estimate.


We say that we are Britain’s favourite family-owned conservatory blinds specialists because we are the largest completely independent company in our specific niche of the blind industry.

We are 100% owned and run by the same people that founded the business and are true conservatory blinds specialists – not a general blind retailer like other companies.

Conservatory Blinds Limited is the largest family owned conservatory blinds specialist by:

  • Volume of sales
  • Volume of blinds manufactured
  • Geographical coverage
  • Number of employees

The Advertising Standards Authority defines “favourite” as the largest (and therefore the most popular).

Our web site has also been top-listed by Google natural listings for over a decade. Web sites are not just judged on SEO but also on the value of the content and so this also substantiates our “favourite” status.

All of our installers are specialists in conservatory blinds – they do not fit any other types blinds and are full-time salaried employees – not subcontractors like every other company.

Unlike any other company that sells direct to the public, we actually design and manufacture our own components and blind systems. With the exception of fabric, all of our Pure blinds are specifically made for the unique way that British conservatories are designed, built and used.

We are the only company in the world to have designed, developed and built a remote control system specifically for conservatory blinds. Their design, function and unique selling points are solely applicable to conservatories.

Unlike other companies that claim to be “specialists” (but which are general blind retailers) over 98% of our work is in conservatories. Our marketing material, factory and even our name make this clear.

To the best of our knowledge, no other blind company in the world can rival this level of specialisation.

We have marketed ourselves as “The UK’s largest family owned conservatory blinds specialists” since 2007 and have been saying “Britain’s favourite specialists” since March 2011.


Unlike any other blind company, we really do only specialise in conservatory blinds. Over 98% of our work is in conservatories. The only other blinds that we install are for conservatory blinds customers who have requested additional shading elsewhere.

Not only are we true conservatory blinds specialists, but we are the only company to have actually designed and manufactured dedicated blind systems specifically for UK conservatories. We don’t sell generic blinds and call them conservatory blinds.

Because we only work in conservatories and are not distracted by selling house blinds or shutters, we have a great deal more experience and expertise. We have worked in just about every single make and type of conservatory imaginable, so we have encountered every possible technical challenge.

Our expert advice guides you through the selection process so that you make an informed decision.

  • Does your conservatory guarantee require an individual blind layout?
  • Can blinds be fitted to your box gutter?
  • What remote control option would best suit your conservatory?
  • Will a specific fabric be suitable for your solar glass?
  • What fabrics cut down glare without darkening your conservatory and adjoining room?
  • Can we conceal the cabling from your power point?

There are a million and one possible questions that can arise when providing assistance to conservatory owners and these simply cannot be learned, but require genuine experience and a full knowledge of what is involved.

We will give you honest advice based on decades of specialist experience – not just tell you what we think you want to hear or misreprsent the facts just so that you place your order.

All of the members of our Sales Team have extensive experience; ranging from 5 years to well over 25 years, and the same is true of our installers. We are not a direct sales company that trains people for a few days in the art of selling and then sends them out.

Plus, because we offer every single type of blinds for conservatories in the UK, you can rely on our technical advice, knowing that it isn’t just sales talk or based on selling you one particular type of blind.

Contact us for completely free, helpful advice.

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