Last month, Conservatory Blinds Limited fitted a new set of roof and slide blinds for a customer in Hertfordshire. The customer had a Victorian Style conservatory which previously had broken motorised roof and side blinds installed by another company.

The blinds were motorised roller roof blinds – a style of blinds we do not actually offer ourselves, for reasons that are very apparent just by looking at the “before” pictures below. After time, roller roof blinds start to sag a great deal, meaning that the blinds did not cover the entire window, leaving little gaps.  This means in the summer months, the sunlight would have caused a glare through the gaps, making it hard to do everyday activities such as watching the television in their conservatory. It’s likely the conservatory would have become uncomfortably warm in the summer and too cold in the winter, due to temperature not being controlled by the blinds. The old blinds were also failing to respond to their remote control, making it difficult to retract and close the blinds.

The customer decided to have a sales visit from a member of our sales team, who went through all the different options available with her for this type of conservatory. After reviewing the conservatory it was determined; pure ™ pleated blinds would be installed on the side windows and Duette® pleated blinds would be installed on the roof. This helped the conservatory look spectacular but are also practical for all the seasons.

Main advantages of Duette® roof blinds:

  • Uses a honeycomb structure within its fabrics, designed to control heat in both the summer and winter by preventing heat build-up.
  • Can be used with our pure™ rail to ensure a neat fit, that leaves minimal gaps to let light in.
  • Easy to maintain over time, meaning the blinds will still looking like new for years to come.

Main advantages of pure™ pleated blinds:

  • Designed to prevent heat build-up while letting in natural light, preventing the conservatory from getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.
  • Our fitters can shape blinds to the most difficult shapes in side and roof windows. This leaves the installation looking flawless.
  • pure™ pleated blinds use our unique pure™ rails to ensure the blinds fit right up to the edge of the frame. This prevents unwanted glare from the sunlight, allowing customers to use their conservatory all year round.

There is no doubt the combination of Duette® and pure ™ blinds in Egyptian cotton really helped to revamp this conservatory, providing the tender loving care it deserved.

If you would like to transform your conservatory like this recent customer, call us today on 0800 071 88 88 for a free quotation or make an enquiry via our website.