One of the most important parts of our infrastructure are our main delivery vans; which travel from our factory in Kent to deliver blinds to our various installation team members across the country. They then take all our empty boxes back to our factory, so we can use them again for future blinds.

We can now install extremely large gable and lantern roof blinds; so we have had to add a new main delivery van to accommodate this. Thanks to this van we can now fit some of the largest blinds we ever have made across the country. Because the blinds we make are unique in a lot of ways, we require a lot of specific equipment that other companies would not. We own all of our vans and equipment outright; meaning we control what our installation team uses, ensuring they have the right tools for the job. It also gives us the ability to expand and customise our equipment as needed.

The addition of a new van means that we are also able to ensure it has up-to-date graphics. For this new van we were able to update it with the full range of blinds that we offer. As this van travels across the country, it needs to highlight the wide range of blinds we sell. One side (above) highlights our large gable blinds, where the other shows our lantern roof and folding door blinds:

Conservatory Blinds Van

The back shows our own pureaspect™ Gable Blinds as well as our purePleated blinds fitted in bi-folding doors.

Conservatory Blinds Van

We have added this new van to our already large fleet of vans, giving us 20 vans across the country. All of these vans are tailored for their specific use, whether it’s transporting blinds across the country or giving our installation team everything they need to install our blinds.

While it may not seem like a massive change, the improvements to our main delivery van means we can always ensure that we supply our installation team properly. It’s also an excellent way for us to highlight the wide range of blinds we offer.