• Simple Cord Operation

    Simple Cord Operation

    All the simplicity of normal cord operation, but now totally child safe.

    The cord retracts back into the headrail when not in use, meaning no long dangerous cords hanging down.

  • Safe by Design

    Safe By Design

    As the cord retracts back into the top rail, it does not hang at a dangerous height.

    This means that you can have cord operated free-hanging blinds with piece of mind that your blinds are totally child safe.

  • Ideal for Doors

    Ideal for Doors

    SmartCord® blinds are ideal for use over doors and folding doors, as it lets you have freehanging blinds without the need for long cords and child safety devices.

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SmartCord® Duette® Blinds

This child-safe freehanging blinds system lets you have large cord operated blinds without the need of cleats.

SmartCord® Duette® Blinds are a totally child safe way to have freehanging, cord-operated blinds in your home.

They are easy to operate by means of a short cord that you can pull to lift any size of blind, but which retracts into the headrail, so there is no need to worry about child-safety or resort to using cleats to tie up the cord.

Its unique design also means that you simply pull the cord for the blind to gently lower itself, stopping when it reaches the end, or whenever you touch it.

We are able to provide SmartCord® blinds in a range of 10 colours - the widest range of colours available in the UK: White, Parchment, Porcini, Brown, Golden Oak, Lichen Green, Cream, Silver, Graphite and Black.

SmartCord Duette® blinds are available for very large windows and doors up to 3m wide x 3m drop (10' x 10').

While designed for use with Duette® pleated blinds the SmartCord® system can also be used with our range of Pinoleum Blinds, for an elegant and child safe way to have the traditional look of woven wood in the windows of your conservatory.

Thanks to our own in-house powder coating facility, we also offer a custom finishing option where we can provide these blinds in any RAL colour to suit your requirements (at extra cost).

Watch the SmartCord® video to see just how neatly the cord can retract away.

SmartCord® and Duette® are registered trademarks of Hunter Douglas BV.

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We found your service was ''ab fab'' from the time you walked into our house and projected a very professional manner in the presentation.

Once everything was signed and the money finally arrived from my pension you called and arrived the following day to fit the awning. It was so good to have such people who are top rate at their jobs taking care of us.

We would recommend you to anyone who shows an interest in awnings or conservatory blinds. Keep up the good work.


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