• Safe By Design Blinds

    Safe By Design Blinds

    LiteRise® Pleated Blinds are designed to be totally child safe, with no cords needed.

    Simply push the blind up or pull it down, and it will stop exactly where you want it.

  • A Neat Fit

    A Neat Fit

    We are able to fit LiteRise® blinds next to each other with only a 5mm gap between the blinds, making it possible to cover extremely wide windows with multiple blinds with minimal light being let in.

  • Custom Colours

    Custom Colours

    We are able to supply the LiteRise® rail in a range of 10 different colours, the widest range of colours available in the UK.

    Thanks to our own in-house powder coating facility, we are also able to provide these blinds in any RAL colour, at extra cost.

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LiteRise® Child Safe Blinds

These "Safe By Design" blinds allow you to operate your blinds without the need of potentially dangerous blind cords.

LiteRise® Pleated Blinds are a range of "Safe By Design" blinds that have been developed as a way to operate your blinds without the need of a cord.

Thanks to an integrated counterbalance spring and clutch mechanism the blind stops exactly where you leave it, giving you precise control over your blind without the need for any extra safety devices such as cleats.

The LiteRise® system is available as either Duette® blinds or Pleated blinds, and is ideal for wider windows up to 2400mm (8`) - they can even be used with blackout blinds as we are able to fit LiteRise® blinds next to each other with gaps of just 5mm between them.

Due to their design and operation, LiteRise® blinds are mainly suited for window blinds, with other safe by design options, such as SmartCord® blinds being available for door blinds.

LiteRise® blinds are available up to 2.4m wide a x 1.8m drop (approx. 8' x 6') depending on the exact fabric.

We are able to provide LiteRise® blinds in a range of 10 colours - the widest range of colours available in the UK: White, Parchment, Porcini, Brown, Golden Oak, Lichen Green, Cream, Silver, Graphite and Black.

Thanks to our own in-house powder coating facility, we also offer a custom finishing option where we can provide these blinds in any RAL colour to suit your requirements (at extra cost).

Watch the LiteRise® video and see just how easy it is to operate.

LiteRise® and Duette® are registered trademarks of Hunter Douglas BV.

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Customer Reviews


We recently had custom blinds fitted by yourselves into our conservatory.

The lady I spoke to on the phone when I googled yourselves was very polite and helpful and organised for someone to visit for a brief survey and discussion on our needs quickly.

Arnaud Keat was the gentleman that arrived and ran me through the various options available. He was knowledgeable and I learnt a lot about the pro's and con's of each type of blind that could be fitted. I did not realise there were so many!

Once we had settled on a type and design, Darren came within a few weeks to do a full measurement. He was very pleasant and suggested further installation ideas that we took up. He was back in within 6 weeks and fitted the blinds within a matter of hours, no mess and very neat.

I am more impressed with the blinds in person, they are beautiful and really make the room. From start to finish you guys did a great job and it felt like they have always been here. If anyone I know needs blinds in the future, I will highly be recommending you.


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