Which blinds are best in an Ultraframe conservatory?

Ultraframe is probably the UK’s best known manufacturer of conservatory roofs with over 25 years market-leading design and manufacture. They offer a truly high quality solution and have a large number of approved installers. You may even have an Ultraframe conservatory roof and not even know it!

As well as a wide choice of conservatory designs, Ultraframe also offer varying glazing options including their high performance Conservaglass, and a number of ventilation options.

We are highly experienced in recommending and installing the right blinds with the correct layout and with professional fittings in Ultraframe conservatory roofs so that you can still make the most of these technically advanced features, rather than smothering them with bulky blinds and low-tech fabrics.

Most blind ranges can be fitted to Ultraframe conservatory roofs to varying degrees of performance and suitability, but by far the most popular ranges are Eos conservatory blinds and pure pleated blinds with Crush Topar, Chintz Topar and Linen Topar fabrics by Hunter Douglas™.

Ultraframe conservatory roofs tend to have very shallow angles with narrow tops required for shaped blinds, as well as mouldings fitted to the eaves. The ridge and central boss cappings require mounting profile and small infill blinds to create a truly fitted appearance making them less suited to standard pleated blinds or Perfect Fit.

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